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OR Dynamics Adds Hospital Direct Regional Block Pain Management Service

For years, OR Dynamics has been offering innovative solutions to todays’ complex patient care environment. One example has been our Joint Commission accredited DME continuous regional block pain management

Our new Hospital Direct version of this turn-key program offers all the same advantages that our current program offers, but billed directly to your facility. In this modified non-DME service, no patient data or insurance information is required… the charges are incurred directly by the surgical facility in the same manner that perfusion, instrument processing or biomedical services are contract

With this service, you can expect a complete elimination of disposable pain management devices entering our land-fills, a greatly simplified process within your pharmacy, a complete elimination of the headaches associated with managing pain pump inventories, a fully functional, local, 24/7, patient support hotline that greatly reduces the call volume coming into your clinicians, and a 100 percent guarantee that only one charge is incurred for each patie

Your greatest advantage is through the use of the ambIT PCA as an analgesic delivery device. Sounds expensive, right? Wrong! In most scenario’s we can offer this comprehensive program between 20 to 50 percent below the cost of disposables. Our service can be applied to both in-patient and out-patient procedures and surgeon interaction is practically eliminated. Our full-time representatives manage all aspects of this service… including all education, inventory, patient support, product support, programming, and retrieval.