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OR Dynamics®



In 1996, David Bruno and Scott Damman combined their 28 years of developing and implementing unique surgical services by incorporating LUCENT Surgical Support Systems. Our company was originally developed to provide per-procedure surgical instrument management services, where laparoscopic instruments were provided and maintained on-site. Since those early years, several innovative programs have been developed … rigid and flexible scope management programs, on-site Holmium/YAG laser provision, tower management, and mobile imaging services.

Today we continue to concentrate in the areas of pain management and post-operative patient rehabilitation. In 2004, we began marketing our programs under the name OR Dynamics as it more simply reflected the mission and focus of our future efforts. Today, we spend most of our time addressing the needs of pharmacy, anesthesia and orthopedic surgeons as applied to the post-operative care of their patients.

As we grow, we continue to look forward to the development of new innovative programs and plan for the next 17 years. Through our devotion to our employees, our customers and our patients, we feel strongly positioned for a successful experience.