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Autotransfusion, also known as cell saving, is the process of collecting shed blood from the surgical field, adding an anti-coagulant, and then filtering, washing, and separating the red blood cells from the plasma for re‐administration to the patient. Common procedures utilizing autotransfusion include orthopedic, cardiovascular, vascular, thoracic, general, gynecology, trauma, transplant, and neurologic surgeries. Our comprehensive service includes a technologist, and all equipment and disposables necessary to complete each procedure. Our service is available to support emergent, stand-by, and scheduled cases in an intra-operative and post-operative setting.


Reported benefits of providing autologous (patient’s own) blood products to patients include…

  1. Immediate availability of viable red blood cells.
  2. Effectively eliminates religious concerns related to homologous (donor) products.
  3. Removes the risks associated with homologous blood (ie; blood borne disease, incompatibility, allergic reaction, immunosuppressive effects, exposure to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis, etc.).
  4. May greatly reduce or eliminate the need for the use of expensive donor blood transfusions and the risks associated with cross matching, storage, and viability.