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The OR Dynamics, unique, ambulatory pain management service offers a superior infusion device and a comprehensive support service… providing better patient care, while offering your facility improved efficiencies.

There is a direct link between pain control and good clinical outcomes and this protocol allows us to effectively manage localized and/or regional post-operative pain. Pain associated with surgery triggers stress responses that affect the endocrine, metabolic, cardiovascular, respiratory, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cognitive, and immune systems. Failure to appropriately assess and treat pain is becoming a liability issue. Traditional pain management, through the use of oral narcotics, often has side effects. These side effects may include constipation, lethargy, nausea, dry mouth, urinary retention, lack of appetite, confusion, vomiting, slow breathing, allergic reactions and addiction. The use of the ambIT PCA ambulatory infusion pump may greatly reduce or eliminate the need for oral narcotics. As a result, the patient may feel more comfortable breathing, ambulate easier, go home sooner, recover faster and may be less likely to be readmitted. For these reasons, pain pump therapy may potentially decrease overall medical costs. The ambIT PCA ambulatory infusion pump by Summit Medical Products, Inc. is a small, lightweight, battery operated, accurate, programmable, wearable, reusable, durable, electronic infusion pump that utilizes a small rotary head style disposable cassette to administer analgesic therapies through a tiny catheter to the source of pain. The ambIT PCA ambulatory infusion pump is sent home with the patient to be used for a reasonable period of time and is designed to fit, along with the medication bag, into a small, discrete carrying pouch, which allows the patient to carry the pump during therapy. Thus, providing the freedom to perform everyday activities without being tethered to a heavy, awkward and bulky infusion device.

Managing a take home medical device service where the device is recovered requires a system. OR Dynamics manages this process for you. We are responsible for the entire cycle for these devices… in-servicing, pre-programming, patient instruction, inventorying, processing, retrievals, and managing technical calls such as alarms and/or product questions, are all responsibilities included in our program. Additionally, the risks of damage, loss or theft are the responsibility of OR Dynamics.

The point of care can be managed by our trained on-site technicians. The number of technicians is determined by daily case loads. The point of care may also be managed by hospital based employees upon completion of the OR Dynamics HD program training.

In addition to all necessary components, the OR Dynamics PCA program will provide each patient one carrying pouch. The provided pouch will neatly hold the AmbIT PCA, patient instruction manual and patient med bag, while allowing each patient unhindered movement and mobility during infusion. Once the infusion therapy is complete the pouch belongs to the patient.

As pain management strategies evolve, organizations such as JCAHO and the AOA are developing new protocols for post-surgical pain level monitoring. The OR Dynamics PCA Program offers this follow up service at no charge and is available upon request. Sample protocols, reports and patient monitoring questionnaires are also available upon request.

Finally, we manage a great deal of data. Monthly reports are provided in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce expenditures.