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USP 797, Pain Pumps and You

With the induction of United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 797 sterile compounding guidelines in 2008, many rigid regulations of the compounding processes for ambulatory peripheral nerve blocks have been developed. USP 797 requirements are strictly outlined, above and beyond non-sterile compounding and good compounding practices. The sterility of the compounds must be tested and validated throughout the meticulous process. A pharmacy / facility compounding sterile preparations (CSP) will need to control and maintain the environment, personnel, and processes for aseptic techniques; especially, for CSPs that will be infused into the vascular and central nervous systems of the patients. Since ambulatory peripheral nerve blocks are aqueous solutions that enter the body and can pose a significant risk to the health of a patient, pharmacies / facilities compounding sterile preparations must implement written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) through extensive education and training programs

Patient Satisfaction at 97.26%

Since the very beginning, OR Dynamics has urged the patients utilizing the ambit PCA and supporting services to complete a survey, rating from 1 to 5 on their satisfaction in certain areas. These areas include the ability to educate, product knowledge, courteousness, product presentation and use, educational materials, appearance and specifically the use of the 24 hour patient hotline.

For the first quarter of 2013, we received 45 percent of the patient surveys offered, with an average overall experience satisfaction rating of 97.26 percent. This is the highest quarterly average we have seen since we began our survey project, and is proof that our ongoing efforts towards patient satisfaction continues to improve our programs. This percentage is especially impressive considering that these surveys are often just a method for patients to express dissatisfaction for any issue taking place throughout their procedural process, and not limited specifically to our products or services. That this many surveys were returned expressing just the opposite shows real motivation to express.

This is real grassroots feedback. If you are looking for ways to improve your patients’ satisfaction levels and increase the scores that you receive on your own satisfaction surveys, the OR Dynamics pain management programs are certainly one way of advancing these efforts. It is worth mentioning that we currently average 35 phone-in’s to our local live support line each week. These calls would have normally taken valuable time away from your surgeons, anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, etc., and are usually very simple (ie; catheter removal or product query) and are addressed by trained product support personnel. Clinical issues are immediately communicated to the appropriate facility contact with a full briefing, preparing your team, and providing another area where we help reduce waste.