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OR Dynamics®


Frequently Asked Questions

About Treatment

Can I take oral pain medications?
Yes, oral pain medication prescribed by your doctor for this procedure and the pump may be used at the same time.

Who do I call for changes to my oral pain medication prescription?
Contact your doctor’s office for changes in oral pain medication. OR Dynamics cannot change your oral pain medication.

If I think there is a problem with my pain therapy, whom do I call?
Pause device and call OR Dynamics Patient Hotline 877-620-6060.

Can I get a second bag of medication for my pain pump?
It is very rare for a doctor to prescribe a bag change. Please contact you doctor with this request.

About Our Pumps

How do I know that my pump is working properly?
When the pump is properly working a number indicating total ml’s infused will appear in the pump’s display and the bolus button will have a green flashing light in it. The pump has an audible alarm to indicate difficulties while administering the infusion.

What does the square button do?
This is the pause/play button. Pressing this button will pause the therapy. Pressing it again will continue the therapy.

What does the round button do?
This is the bolus button. A bolus is an extra dose of anesthetic prescribed by many doctors to address “break-through” pain. If your doctor prescribed for a bolus, there is always a limited number that is allowed… usually no more than one per 30 minutes.

What does the flashing green light in the bolus button mean?
This indicates that the pump is infusing properly.

My pump seems to be working (making noise) and then stops and is quite. Is this normal?
Yes. The device does not infuse constantly. The pump infuses and then stops, infuses and then stops, etc..

Returning Your Pump

Can I leave my pump at the hospital or doctor’s office?
NO, the patient is responsible for mailing the pump back to OR Dynamics via the provided padded envelope.

I cannot locate the mailer for returning my pain pump. What do I do?
Please call the patient support hotline at 877-620-6060 and we will send you a new mailer.

How do I return the pain pump?

  1. Press and rotate bottom cap of pump past OFF position and remove. Remove the batteries, put the battery cap back on bottom pump and rotate until secure
  2. Remove the top cassette (cap) from the pump by squeezing the clips on each side (top of pump is where the tubing comes out).
  3. Discard top of pump, tubing, catheter, and medication bag in your waste bag.
  4. Remove the pump cap from your padded mailer and insert it onto the top of the pump where the cassette top with tubing attached used to be. If you were not provided this cap, you may skip this step.
  5. Place only the ambIT pump, top first, inside the inner plastic bubble pouch.
  6. Please complete the optional satisfaction survey and place inside mailer and SEAL OUTER POUCH
  7. Make sure that you do NOT send back the cassette, the medication bag, the tubing, or the fanny pack; this should all be discarded as waste. You may keep the batteries.
  8. You may keep the fanny pack, but it is strongly recommended that you wash it in hot soapy water, rinse it, and allow it to air dry before using.
  9. Give to mail carrier or take to post office. Postage is prepaid.
  10. If you have misplaced the plastic-lined padded mailer or have any other questions, please call 734-426-0500.

Failure to return pump or intentional abuse or damage of pump (i.e. showering, submerging in water, taking device apart or any unauthorized alterations or gross negligence) could result in additional fees.